Website Auditing

Website traffic audits are essential for online publishers in order to assist advertising agencies and advertisers with their media buying decisions. Web Stat Service Website Auditing uses a non-intrusive based audit method, which produces accurate results which are based on the reporting companies web log files. Robot, spider, relays, suspicious proxies, along with company internal activity and any other misleading activity, is removed from the final statistics. This type of audit is inexpensive and easy for your business to start using immediately.

We can provide the information you, your advertisers, or other clients with reporting statistics with various levels of detail. From site wide to a focus on specific sections, pages, or campaigns, WSS staff can easily customize the included data for your needs in an affordable fashion.

WSS follows IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) guidelines and standards in our website auditing and verification process. IAB sets the standards for all advertising specifications used in the internet advertising industry.